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The Ghana Tourist Development Company Limited has signed a memorandum of understanding to hold in trust 2500 acres of land valued at 100 million U.S. Dollars, from the people of Osudoku Lanor Wenguam family, to Hyperion Group for the construction of recreational and resort for tourist attraction.


The land which is part of the Accra City tourism enclave, which is about 65 kilometers out of the city centre will be developed by Hyperion group for recreational activities and a resort.

signing the agreement, the managing director of the Ghana Tourist Development Company Limited Mrs. Emilia Brew Butler said, the company is in line to expand the tourism industry in Ghana, she said, at the time when Ghana lacked star rated hotels in the country, it was the Ghana Tourist Development Company Limited that partnered other stake holders to build  one for the country.

Mrs. Emilia Butler said, the project when completed will offer jobs and other recreational facilities for the people of the Osudoku area, she emphasized that, the Ghana Tourist Development Company will ensure that the rights of the people are protected at all times as the contract runs through.

She said, the Ghana Tourist Development Company Limited is acting on its core mandate of procuring agreements that will ensure the promotion of tourist activities.

On his side the family head of the Lanor Wenguam Family, Abdulla Kwame Addo said, the generation to come will benefit from the project that is to be build in the area, He said no amount of money can satisfy the entire people of the Osudoku area and urged that those who hold in trust the land must make proper plans for all generations.

He said the family has decided to release the 2500 acres of land valued at 100 million dollars for the development of the Osudoku area, Abdulla Kwame Addo however appealed to Hyperion group to ensure they start a physical development now, He said he has fulfilled the wish of the people.

Nana Bonsu Boama, the Chief executive officer of the Hyperion Group said, the group is ready to start the recreational project, and is ready to import all the animals from South  Africa, He said the people of the Osudoku area will be direct beneficial of the project.

He said the people will be given employment in at the resort to ensure they make some living out of the project.


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